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Glidden Point Select (3-4 inches) (dozen)
39845f742a5ca138087d2b2f464b7ca8 One dozen Glidden Point Select oysters Learn More »
Glidden Point XL (5-8 inches) (dozen)
67d06ceada112066d7b9fdb36b4bccf6 One dozen Glidden Point Jumbo oysters. Also known as Grillers. Learn More »
Glidden Point Cocktail (2-3 inches) (dozen)
958353f3b91ef046975403b3c4b408c9 One dozen Glidden Point Cocktail oysters. Learn More »
Glidden Flats (Belon) (3-6 inches) (dozen)
2bb2e413a961b8f8a56b33303ded7fb8 A bold oyster, very different in appearance and taste, with a robust 'tangy' flavor. An interesting taste sensation, and an exciting change of pace for connoisseurs and adventurous oyster l Learn More »
Shucking Knife: Oyster
7f8c6314e8b0e46922fb23b4c7720124 Professional quality rugged stainless steel blade Learn More »
Olympia Oyster Knife
0b459f3c595632ac782df9c281d76e8d Short-Blade Professional Shucking Knife Learn More »
Providence Oyster Knife
71e66aaef200ad81a272f755faad6113 Professional quality stainless steel Learn More »
Shucking Knife: Clam
44bf069eac1e4e8115ebfc8b83df0bab Wide blade clam knife. Learn More »
Shucking Glove
1cdd33fd3c9e51e87efa47c456051a73 Great protection. A must for frequent shuckers. Learn More »
1 1/2 Pound Live Maine Lobster- $9.00/lb.
26b1fa955fdf4c2c54ed59efee80f4a1 Live Maine Lobster shipped overnight to your door! Only $9.00 per pound!! Learn More »
Littleneck Clams- Raft-Purged (dozen)
45d00257bc158032cf7988e6569a34b5 One dozen Maine grown littlenecks- the best you've ever tasted. Briny, sweet, grit-free. Learn More »
Fishmonger's Fusion Cocktail Sauce
4579b7bcde918032c35108d4fdce0287 Delicious on raw shucked oysters, pan-fried sole, and shrimp cocktail Learn More »
Frankie’s Original-style Horseradish
E21391aad063110a3c0ec4ae702e60ce Sawmill Site Farm's famous horseradish Learn More »
Logo Shucking Apron
34833b0e87c60efb34d0e55878a00230 Cotton denim with embroidered Glidden Point Oyster logo Learn More »
Logo Magnum Mug
A8dd9aff2aea8073ffb52ce37b93e1f9 Ceramic Tall Mug Learn More »
Maine Camp Mug
650cfa239e2180cff0082a376517d710 Ceramic Maine Camp Mug with Logo Learn More »
Wood Antiqued Sign
58772c087d4db26167318989f2de679d Antiqued Wooden Glidden Point Oyster Sign Learn More »
Logo Cap
2fbc10e478d734dd7e07c0979a1f822e Available in Olive or Navy Learn More »
Xing Sign- Small
Dbed1fb8e759e3a2048a9a58e1a5c921 Aluminum Oyster Crossing Sign Learn More »
Xing Sign- Large
175c462a0929f9eccf378113a7d0a527 Aluminum Oyster Crossing Sign Learn More »
Street Sign "Oyster Ave"
5cec9cacf7fd237ab6d7aae648d275e2 Aluminum Oyster Ave Sign Learn More »
Black T-shirt
Ff97c0595beb4431c1b26d2650361f73 You don't win friends with salad T-shirt Learn More »
Gift Card
1dc6f3b483ed82faa3351f265db6b80c Custom Gift Card for any value you wish Learn More »
F70839f5ee41d86382efb1b64fce562e 100% cotton heavyweight sweatshirt Learn More »